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Our Story:

Michael & Rhonda Donadieu established Simple Gifts Farmstead in 2020.  After restoring their pre-1830's farmhouse, they began work to reinvigorate the farm property for gardens, livestock, and various agritourism activities on the farmstead property.  

The farm is back in full swing with the Spring season! The gardens will soon be planted, the barns still have some hay, and our first cut for this year should be in June!  The chickens have been moved back out of the greenhouse and into their new Chicken yard, our Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs have new friends, two Berkshires, and our Hereford cattle are living their best lives on pasture!

The Donadieus have Big Dreams and intend to use every Simple Gift God has blessed them with to point people to Jesus, grow the Farmstead, and enrich the lives of their Family, Friends, and Community!

May 18, 2024

Homestead Heritage Festival

at Simple Gifts Farmstead

has been Canceled due to family health circumstances.  Please accept our apology for any inconvenience.

  • Monday - Sunday
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Simple Gifts Farmstead

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